Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fruit Bowl

As a general rule I usually stay away from frames when I edit my work for uploading to my blog but sometimes I do induldge in playing around with them just to see how they'd look and I have to say this time that I really liked the effect of the oval frame around this picture I did yesterday with watercolour pencils. It really enhances the oval-shaped bowl by echoing it. However, for the purists out there I will include the original image here too, unframed.

I recently purchased a kind of brush-top pen that has a hollow resouvoir that you fill with water which squeezes out through the brush to help with blending, like for ink drawings, and in my case watercolour pencils (which are essentially pencil crayons that are dilutable when you wash water over your markings) and I was really eager to use it. Not a bad thing to have for quick on-location sketches. Best of all-- no expensive refills!


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