Monday, May 17, 2010

Working on bigger things

Sorry for not posting as much over the last few days. I wanted to take a break from painting daily still life (still lifes? Lives? Life's?) and focus my attention on some bigger projects. Literally speaking, I've decided to work on a landscape of some mountainous rolling rocks that Jason and I pass frequently on our trips up to Parry Sound. The piece is not yet finished but I thought I'd post an image of the painting in process. I like to use a blocking in method when I start a painting by laying down diluted local colours which will give me an idea of the general shapes and colours I will be encountering. From this point I will lay thicker layers of colour and the whole process from there becomes something more sculptural, especially here where I've chosen to lay down thick layers of paint with a palette knife. The process of laying down thin washes of colour and then building up is called "fat over lean". It's one of many different ways of painting and you can read more about the other processes here.

I should be done this painting (hopefully) in a couple of days and I will post the finished product here. I should also add that I will be attending summer classes for the next six weeks starting this week and it might somewhat impact my ability to post as often but I'll definitely strive to do my best. Stay posted.


"Mountain Man" 24"x30"

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