Thursday, July 08, 2010

Wasaga Beach

I just got back from a little mini-holiday to Wasaga Beach. I feel like kicking back a little bit now that my summer courses are completed. So my mother, my grandmother and I went for a ladies' only weekend for some sand and sun. As usual, I came over-preparred with art supplies (art never takes a vacation! ;) but only really used a few small things: a pen, a sketchbook and my traveller watercolour kit. It was just enough to try and catch the vibe of the heated vacation town.

Sorry for the poor quality of these photos. My scanner has been kaput for some time and I now cannot find my re-installer disc! You will have to contend with these crudely shot images, though if anything I think the quality of the photos add to that beach-y mystique!

I've uploaded these images to a flickr slideshow embedded below. Click the enlarge button in the bottom right corner of the slideshow window to see the images full screen.

Hope everyone is continuing to have a great summer!

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