Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Another sketch from my Godparents' Farm

This is another sketch I did from my day at my Godparents' farm. This one has a weird perspective to it. Generally speaking, my relationship with perspective drawing has always been a little skewed (ba-da-bum!). I know the basics now well enough but it's still hard to really tell for sure if I'm adhering to the right angles. I'm currently between two schools of thought from two different teachers I've had. Teacher A said "it doesn't matter if it's accurate just make it work (in your drawing)". Teacher B said: "Perspective is bull! Just draw what you see!". And that's what I did. The drawing still looks a little skewed to me but that is definitely my Godparents' farm. No doubt.

I think maybe I was at a weird angle. *shrug*

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