Sunday, August 01, 2010

Website Merge.

There are some exciting changes coming to this blog and Since starting my blog with eblogger a few months ago it has pretty much become my standard go-to for all essential updates and links; meanwhile has been stagnating over the simple fact that it is a royal pain in the butt to constantly re-upload the site every time there is an update no matter how minor (not to mention all the many grey hairs I've earned through praying and hoping each time that the upload works and doesn't do something I don't want it to do!).

Through many handy applications and templates I've been finding ways of incorporating all my website needs into this blog with the ultimate goal being a redirect of to this blog. However, this place may be in a bit of a state while I'm still 'moving the furniture around', as it were. Stay tuned for updates as to when the official move is made and mind the tarp in the meantime!


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