Friday, October 22, 2010

iPad Sketching

I'm sorry for the inexcusable amount of time that has passed since my last update. My blog had to take a bit of a back seat for a little while while my partner and I moved. My paints have sadly been gathering dust as well in this interim of chaos so there hasn't been a lot to report on. Things are only now returning to some sort of normalcy and I'm hoping to get back into my old updating groove.

Jason recently got me an iPad as an anniversary gift. I had secretly wanted one despite the fact that virtually everyone I knew seemed to be bashing the product. I wanted it primarily for the drawing functions. So upon getting one finally I immediately loaded up the popular Brushes application which I have been playing around with (in between some intense rounds of Robot Unicorn Attack, also loaded up on my new toy). The Brushes application works like a charm though may not entirely replace my trusty sketchbook. It is a fun brainstorming tool though.

But what has really caught my attention is another application I recently downloaded called ArtRage whose claim is to replicate actual textures of various canvas surfaces and mediums, like paint squeezed freshly out of the tube which you can then use a palette knife tool to slather around. You can even choose between wet and dry paint textures.

I'll admit to feeling a little guilty for using an application to fake my way instead of getting off my lazy behind and setting up all my paints and varnishes....but I was also incredibly amazed at what I was able to accomplish while having Jason sit for me. The only problem I would see is someone potentially wanting to buy the original and having to suffice with a digital print....that and the general degradation of my hands-on abilities :P If nothing else it is a marvelous tool for planning out a painting before laying out actual paint of oh so increasingly expensive canvas.

What do folks think? Is it immoral to rely on digital painting over the real thing? How much does this sketch pass for the real thing? Does it stand on any of it's own merit?

I can tell you right now at least that it is a heck of a lot of fun.

And it also has an erase and undo function...another bit of a pleasant cheat....not that I plan on becoming dependant....:P



calios said...

Lovely work :)
Even if it does present some interesting problems for the artist, I think it's just as valid as an analogue equivalent.
Bril going! :)))
Matt Edwards

Sarah said...

I think it looks great!
I don't really see it as cheating in the sense that this is how technology is moving forward. It is getting more and more expensive to buy artists' materials and overall the real deal can be a little wasteful. This is a nice way to save money (in the long run) and to be green too.
I also like that it's super portable. I love carrying a sketchbook but I hate hauling all the pencils and other things I might want to really do something spectacular.
I'm excited to see more of what you do with it!

<3 Sarah

Christine Hirtescu said...

Thanks guys! I know I need to be less prudish about my practices in this digital age. I appreciate the comments. Sarah, you make an excellent point about hauling materials around. I find I can pack up a third of my art supplies and still come up short on the final product. Plus it's very hard to be inconspicuous when you're all set up. I'm rationalizing that I can use the iPad on location and then use the sketch to produce the real thing at home.