Tuesday, December 21, 2010

red branches

Here is another painting of apartment buildings lit by the sunrise. I seem to have a thing for them. This was the view one day out of my window. We've been quite blessed by the view in our new place. We're surrounded by trees and a ravine. I've been exposed to some stunning views from above ever since it started snowing.

Only a couple more weeks until I go back to school in January. I've really been enjoying the time off from school to do my own thing for a bit and learn independently, but I think I'm really ready to go back now and get some more instruction. One class in particular that I'm excited about taking is one in landscape painting. I'm really hopeful that it will help me improve some more. It may slow down the frequency that I can post at but it will all be for a good cause.

I have been giving some serious thought to putting up an Etsy account to sell off these paintings I've been making (all of them are only 5x7") and I'm pleased by the positive response I've received from some of you. I'm going to work on making some more paintings before I go forth with this plan and hopefully get it up for February, just in time for my art show in Markham. I will keep everyone posted on these developments. Thanks everyone for your support!


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