Saturday, December 04, 2010

Snowy farmhouse

Spent the evening practising some other techniques and styles. Obviously my source of inspiration was the Group of Seven. Particularly the work of Lawren Harris and A.J. Casson. I really love how they slather paint on the canvas...and I will say this now: harder than it looks. My first attempt was with a palette knife and I'm not even going to show that one. I really admire how people can paint with that tool but it drives me up the frickin' wall! It takes a general relinquishing of control, which might not be for everyone. Neither of the paintings I was studying looked like a palette knife was used so I abandoned it for a paint brush which much better results.
I worked on a meticulous drawing of a farmhouse I photographed while up at the cottage and edited the colours to be more vibrant than the dullish greys in the original photo. I did this by scanning in my drawing and then painting over it in photoshop. Transferring my drawing to the canvas was also kind of interesting but tedious and basically involved a carbon tracing directly onto the canvas. I'm not really a big fan of meticulous detail, I'm learning, and so I don't know if this style will be for me in the future but it's worthwhile to give it a try. The Group of Seven artists must be commended for combining their learned sense of design seamlessly with such evocative art work. It's good to practice the styles and techniques of the masters to get a better sense of what works for you. Fortunately these guys already mastered the genre of Canadian landscape painting, so I don't have to :P I remain in awe of them though.

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