Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Under Shady Trees

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing and festive holiday season. Now we're back into the swing of things and I want to share with you an image of warmer times ahead.

I spent my holidays mostly working, making that holiday dough, and stream-lining my art room for the new year to make it more functional as I embark on bigger projects. Packed away is my gargantuan computer desk and rickety old drafting table which was serving more as a dropping ground ever since I abandoned cartooning for fine art. This year I'd like to lay an even stronger focus on fine art and that means doing away with some things that don't serve that purpose anymore. Currently using my mom's old abandoned manicure table as my computer desk which is half the size of my old one and my old coffee table as a work station. It works great!

The updates may become a little less frequent as I return back to my studies at OCAD this semester, but you may see occasional assignments popping up here on my blog.

Also, I will be having my very *first* art show in February at one of the Toronto Public Library locations in Markham. I will be posting more details on it as the date draws closer.

Year's not off to a bad start :)


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