Monday, May 09, 2011

House on the hill

Spring is finally here! The trees have been budding and it's finally been warm enough for me to go out and try out some plein air painting with my new pochade. Plein air painting is simply outdoor landscape painting. I had taken a landscape painting course at OCAD just this last semester where I was exposed to the intimidating task of painting on location among numerous passerby. It didn't take long to get over the feeling of having your shoulder constantly looked over and folks were generally very supportive with their comments. However, the intimidation factor was quelled by the fact that there were 20 of us and I've been wanting for some time now to go out and try it out on my own. I purchased a pochade-- a lightweight, paint box which works as an easel and case for carrying your paints-- a couple of months ago and finally got a chance to really test it out on my own this morning in Earl Bales park.

I was feeling a bit rusty but a lot of it came back rather quickly. I went to the park this morning and there were a few people on walks but for the most part I was left to my painting. One older gentleman who works for a seniors' community house came by and chatted for a bit.

I'm really amazed at how compact the pochade is-- I was able to close the box with the painting and palette inside without either of them touching. I'm really looking forward to pursuing this activity more throughout the summer. It's such a lovely way to spend a morning.

A picture of my pochade-- I bought a little metal canister with a lip to clip onto the side of the palette to hold my turpentine. The paint comes off rather easily off the wood palette after use.


Anonymous said...

And I was the first to see the original! As you said the summer just starts and there could be a lot of work ahead of you. Have a beautiful summer enjoying what you love most.

Karl said...
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