Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don River Boulevard

I still have a lot to learn about plain air, bring suntan lotion. I went down into Don River Boulevard this morning to practice my outdoor painting skills. It's like this mysterious neighbourhood that you would never expect to exist just a little away from under the Sheppard bridge. There are a number of mansions and interesting homes lined along the short bit of road which then turns into bike paths and forests. I wonder what it must be like to live there at night.
There are a lot less bugs when you are painting within the city limits, which is a nice change from up in Parry Sound when I went a couple of weeks ago (The horseflies are vicious!). Nothing this time save for the occasional determined housefly zipping right into my face.

Also, I got to see a fox run right across in front of me! So cute! It's kind of hard to believe that this kind of nature exists right within the city. It's wonderful.

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