Monday, September 26, 2011

Candy Bowl

Hope everyone is enjoying our newly minted fall season. The colours are starting to change on the trees in the park surrounding our building and I'm eager to take advantage of the beautiful displays I am anticipating.

For now though, I continue with my my "Junk Food Studies". I've been studying some books on atelier painting and the recent book I've been reading was talking about the differences between the "linear" approach and the "open-brush" method. One is obviously more refined than the other and to put them into historical context you could say that most painting up to the 18th century would classify as "linear" in that it emphasizes on detailed drawing, smooth blending and overall realistic approach whereas the open brush method was largely adopted by the Impressionist for its very loose application of brushwork. Alla prima painting could constitute as an open brush approach as it requires you to work fast and loose and complete the painting in one sitting.

My original junk food painting done over the summer would most likely fall under the linear category, if my understanding of the definition is correct. Today, I decided to take the alla prima approach in this study of a candy bowl. I wanted so much to focus on the intricate details but found myself getting very frustrated until I adopted a larger brush which then forced me to make fewer yet bolder brushstrokes. The end result is something that is less detailed but more painterly.

FYI - I finally updated my youtube channel with a new instructional video. This one is also about drawing and shading but it literally cuts the work down to half. I'm hoping I can get some more videos up before the winter holidays. Stay tuned.


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