Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scene of the crime

Continuing along with my "junk food" motif...this is another study which I actually did last week before the painting of the candy bowl. A friend of mine who had fallen in love with my original junk food painting said she especially liked the chips in the painting, so I thought I'd make a little one for her (in exchange for the copious amount of modelling she had done for me-- hint hint). This painting would fall under the category of "linear" painting as discussed in my previous post. This was done in a series of layers, comprising of a initial drawing, underpainting, tonal elements and finally colour. Hence the results are a little more refined (pun not intended-- junk food, refined...? huh huh?..bah!.)

I just had to share the following as I had propped the painting up on the table to photograph it when I noticed a neat little tromp d'oeil action going. Good to know I got the colours right ;)

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