Thursday, October 06, 2011

Portrait of Cathia

A few weeks ago I gave myself a couple of assignments to complete. Do a still life from the Junk Food series in Alla Prima (no layers, just do it in one sitting), make a portrait using the grisaille technique, and make a landscape on a square canvas. I've virtually done all three-- you may not be seeing the square landscape painting on here any time too soon-- but the one that gave me the greatest satisfaction was the portrait I did of my friend Cathia.

Using a technique similar to the one I used in creating my "Still Life, unwrapped" Junk Food painting, I established my tones in grayscale first before adding colour and then just building up the textures.

I might be interested in picking up a few commissions but I will have to make a few more studies like this to make sure I'm up to the challenge. Rest assured, if you're willing to take the risk I will offer a reasonable estimate given my level of experience. Email me if you are interested.

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