Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Updated Blog

As is in my nature to shake things up every so often I decided to make some changes to my blog/website to reflect the changes in my own work over the last couple of months. I was struggling for a while to find a way of creating work that left me feeling satisfied and since I started applying the indirect method of painting I've been feeling a little more clear-minded about where I want to go with it. And I needed a website to reflect that focus.

I'm still a long way from having a completed portfolio that I am happy with, but I am working on it steadily and will eventually transition away from some of the old standards in my portfolio. It's such a great and rewarding feeling to find your niche when you've been searching for so long and I'm very excited about where this next chapter will lead.

You'll notice that I did away with a lot of the clutter and adopted a sleeker design. I wanted something for the banner that reflected the kind of work I've done and am in the process of doing and eventually came to inserting a slideshow. I want to know from folks whether this is a good idea or not as I don't want to drain on your bandwidth. I could be in favour of reducing the size or replacing it with a single image.

I also updated my tabbed area to include a more or less completed "Shop" page where I've provided a couple of links on where you can purchase my work and/or order prints or cards and request commissions. The websites that I link to still need to be updated a bit but if there are any questions, just email me at chirtescu@gmail.com.

Also, of the new handy gadgets I've added, you can now watch my youtube tutorial videos right on this blog just buy clicking the links on the right.

I'm really excited about the new changes I've made to this website and even more excited about the upcoming projects that will hopefully provide the content over the next couple of months. Please let me know your thoughts on the website if you think there is anything I can improve. Knowing me, this is not the last time I will change it.


PS- Stay tuned for updates about ordering cards for the upcoming holidays!

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