Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Family Photos, Study

I've been going through some old family photos lately, trying to glean some inspiration for some potential paintings and have really been enjoying what I've been coming across.  I really like photos of people when they don't pose for the camera because I find the expressions reveal so much more about the character of the person. In this quick study of my dad from an older photograph I'm trying to play with warm and cool colours as well as attempt to catch the subtlety of my dad's expression which is very tricky and tantamount to achieving a successful painting.  He always had this tendency to look away from the camera whenever anyone took a photo of him- so in essence my dad actually did pose for this photograph but he stands out when juxtaposed to other people in the photo who look directly towards the camera.  This is something I want to examine with some larger pieces in the future.  I've been looking to the artwork of Robert Bechtle for some visual cues.  

I've been enjoying the use of broader strokes lately.  This painting was done over an older painting I didn't really like all too much. Only 8x10".  I enjoy painting over a coloured surface because it takes some of the edge off and helps produce a richer painting- I think. I've also been told that you have a better sense of assessing your colours when you use a surface that is other than white.  You can also incorporate some of the colours from beneath into the fresh painting, which is also kind of neat.  

"Family Photo, Study" Oil. 8x10"

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