Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I've made some updates in and around my website to make it easier to access my work. The following adjustments have been made:

Greeting Cards - I've streamlined the process of ordering cards by broadening the order form to accommodate any size order, whether you want to order just one card or one hundred.  You can now enter the number of cards you want to order and select between the option of paying for cards individually or by sets of 10.  Cards are now also priced at $3.50 and sets of 10 cards sell for $30, but shipping is now free.

New Etsy Tab- I've decided to let Etsy do all the heavy lifting by allowing visitors to my site to purchase original work from their website.  I've added a new "For Sale" tab to my list of pages where you will find direct links to the paintings I currently have for sale on the Etsy website.

Prints - Likewise, I've decided to let RedBubble do the heavy lifting when it comes to making prints.  Click on the "RedBubble Prints" tab to view a selection of work available for purchase as prints.  You can also order my artwork as cards through this site though delivery is a little slower and the cards are not personally signed.

Pinterest - You can now follow my artwork through Pinterest.  There is a direct link on my right side panel for future reference.

Facebook For followers on Facebook I've also added new tabs for Etsy and Pinterest on my fan page for easy and direct access.

I'm really excited by these new additions.  Please let me know if they enhance your experience and make things easier to access.  As usual, for any inquiries, please email me at

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