Sunday, December 02, 2012

Meeting MP Olivia Chow

I participated today in a Art Show being held at MP Olivia Chow's constituent office during her annual holiday party.  It was pretty much grab a painting and set up anywhere you can but it was just such a great opportunity to show your work and gain exposure at a high profile event.  The turn out was amazing and I got a lot of interest in my work which was a (much needed) boost to my ego.  Part way through the event I had the idea of propping up my iPad next to my painting in order to showcase a lot of my other work and that really seemed to get a lot of peoples' attention just by the innovation alone.  As one of my art teachers once said, 'never leave home without your portfolio because you never know when you're going to need it'.  That proved especially true in this case.

Meeting Olivia Chow was indeed the highlight though.  I have so much respect for her and the devotion she's given to making Toronto, and now Canada, a better place.  She is an inspiration to me and I'm just so grateful to her for giving artists this opportunity to show their work and just really taking the time to shift some focus on the value of the arts.

Me with MP Olivia Chow


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